Why A Book Club?

I had been on the fence all summer about whether or not to officially establish a book club, but last week a comment by a sweet friend of mine, a young mother of one, solidified that it was a necessary space to create. We were discussing how to navigate motherhood and this is part of what she said:

"...there is a need for more compassionate mom/parenting bloggers. I feel like everything is just polar ends of spectrum. You have moms blogging perfection {never supplement feed, never let them watch a movie until they are 12, never let them eat cake at a bday party} and then there is super extreme {no gender color toys, etc.}. I feel like I have yet to find someone like you that has the values I do, but is also compassionate and understanding and knows moms will fail many times! When readers email me for requests they really say they just want a mom that’s like them that feels like a friend and mentor at the same time. I’ve had girls say they had to stop reading mom blogs because the perfection aspect gave them too much anxiety. I’m not sure if this even makes sense but just trying to brain dump what my readers tell me and how my friends & I feel with being new moms."

This broke my heart to hear. I have completely stepped out of the blogging world for the last four years and instead dove into books, so I am out of the loop on mom blogs! To hear that other mothers have felt for even a split second that they don't have the voice that represents them devastated me. Motherhood has been one of the most joyous but also one of the most isolating times in my life, and the only way I’ve made it through the darkest of days is with the support of other moms that showed me a ton of grace. I would love to come alongside mothers, young mothers especially, and say IT IS OK! We all mess up! And there are new mercies every morning. Ten years into parenting with four kids, I still need to hear this daily. 

While this will be called a book club, the purpose behind it is to create a community. To learn, talk, share, listen, laugh and cry. To connect. To be authentic. To give ourselves permission to be open about the struggles of life and learn how to show our family, our friends, and maybe most importantly, ourselves, more grace. To have a reminder that we are not alone. We are all trying our best. There are days when we feel like we hit home runs and days when we don't want to get out of bed in the morning. But there is joy in the journey of learning to put one foot in front of the other. 

From my experience, most book clubs are centered around reading one book per month. In my opinion, and with my schedule, this is warp speed when it comes to digging into a good book - especially a good parenting book! - but we will try. This month we will be reading Parenting: The 14 Gospel Principles That Can Radically Change Your Family by Paul David Tripp. If you are not a believer, I still encourage you (beg you? Too pushy?) to read along. I have read a plethora of parenting books, blogs and articles over the last decade, and nothing - NOTHING - has impacted me more as a mother than this book.

We will start week after next so that you all have time to order a copy. I will write about what most impacted my life and I would LOVE to hear your feedback on how it impacted you. Please, jump in! Make the time. I wish I had words to communicate how worth it this will be to you and your family. A great deal of dialogue is guaranteed, but be warned: this is not a tips and tricks book. It is not focused on quick fixes to get your child to behave when you want them to. What it will do is entirely shift your perspective on parenting in the most beautiful, profound way. It truly touched my soul and I view my role as a mother - and view my children - through a new set of lenses. I am eternally grateful that I read it, and I know you will be, too.