Skin Care Routine

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is, “What is your skincare routine?” I wish I had a magical, fancy answer, but truth be told, I don’t do very much. I have a handful of great products I love that I am glad to share, but as I creep through the years I have realized so much of our skin glow is a reflection of our overall lifestyle — the primary areas being nutrition and SLEEP! 

Let’s tackle the products and my routine first. 

As soon as I wake up in the morning I apply one pump of The Gel directly onto my wrists and rub into my forearms. Confused as to how this helps my skin? I’ll elaborate later, but this is truly my first priority of my day as far as self care. It is homeopathic and goes far beyond skin care: it restores my entire body from the inside out. (I did not know what great sleep was until I started using it!)


Next, I use an organic cotton round and splash alcohol free Witch Hazel on it. Taking a quick 20 seconds to cleanse my face not only feels refreshing, but it removes any surface buildup acquired during sleep. 


After the kids are fed, dressed, and off to school, I head back to my bathroom and apply Young Living or Beautycounter mineral sunscreen mixed with Aveda Botanicals All-Sensitive Lotion or Beautycounter Nourishing Day Cream and apply to my face, neck and hands. I didn’t regularly wear sunscreen on my face until about three years ago when I started getting bi-yearly photo facials, but now I (try to) do it without fail every single morning, even in the winter. 

I usually don’t put on makeup unless I have a meeting. I try to keep my face as bare as possible during the days and not wear unnecessary product to keep my pores clear! If I do wear makeup, I make sure it is clean, nontoxic and carcinogen free but, I digress…that is another post.


My evening routine is just slightly more involved, but not by much. I ALWAYS wash my face at night. Always! I use the Clarisonic Cleansing Brush with a dime size amount of Beautycounter Cream Cleanser to really clean my face well, even if I haven’t worn any makeup that day. If I have worn makeup, first I remove my mascara with a tiny amount of coconut oil* (tiny as in pencil eraser) and wipe the residue off with Witch Hazel on a cotton round. Then, I move on to the Clarisonic. *Some skin types do not handle coconut oil well and finds it clogs pores and easily causes blemishes. Do a patch test and try it out. 

Poppy Austin

Next I use several drops of Poppy Austin Vitamin C Serum and let it absorb before using Poppy Austin’s Hyaluronic Acid. I either follow with the same Aveda lotion from the morning, or use Kiehl’s Line-Reducing Concentrate (my fave). 


On an evening I have a little extra time, I will either do a homemade Bentonite Clay mask or Juice Beauty Apple Peel exfoliant. For the Bentonite mask, I use a glass ramekin and mix 1T clay with about 1T Apple Cider Vinegar. Apply and leave on for 10-20 minutes. IT GETS TIGHT! Completely normal. I wash with warm water and follow with the Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and moisturizer. 

As mentioned above, three years ago I started getting photo facials at Blush Aesthetics in Dallas. (They are phenomenal. Call now and tell them I sent you!) I usually go sometime in October and again in February. 

Let’s move on to beneath the surface and briefly talk about nutrition. This is fundamental in healthy skin. Long gone are the days where low cal and low fat equates to healthy. (Trust me, they’re gone…please tell me everyone has ditched the Snackwells and realized this??) I have eaten Paleo/Whole 30 for about eight years, and this summer tried Keto for a weight loss kick. I am not super strict on Paleo/Whole 30 — if the kids want donuts or pizza, I will usually partake, but I do have an awareness of what clean eating is and make choices that align with that. Keto is fabulous as far as I am concerned. I easily lost 7 pounds and was eating over 130g of fat per day. My favorite app for this to keep track of food allotments is simply called the Keto Diet app. It is a light blue square with white lettering that says “keto.” Ever since testing the Keto waters I have become much more aware of the fat, protein and carb breakdown of foods, and I definitely make it a priority to get much more fat now than I ever have. Healthy fats are extremely important for our skin and give us a wholesome glow. My favorite places to find it? Egg yolks from pasture raised chickens on soy free feed, Primal Kitchen mayonnaise, organic, grass fed beef (has as much or more healthy fat than wild caught salmon), almond butter, coconut oil (this has recently gotten a bad wrap, but check out this podcast from Weston A. Price for insight), raw milk (again, take a look at this), clotted cream and avocados. 

I cannot overstate the importance of hydrating enough either! Try for at least half your body weight in water. We hear this all the time, I know, but there’s a reason. Just drink it! 

I do not and have never done Botox, and hopefully with The Gel I will never be tempted to! It has changed my life in 3 minutes a day and as far as I am concerned this is a miracle product. That is exactly what I was told when I first heard of it and I was a “that sounds too good to be true” full blown skeptic. I am thrilled to say my skepticism was proved WRONG. The best part? It is homeopathic. As with many of us, sleep was a major problem area for me. I had not slept well in ten years and the lack of zzz’s had taken a toll on my skin. It was dull and dry, and I never felt like I could adequately cover those dark circles with enough concealer. I was restless falling asleep, woke up multiple times at night and had difficulty falling back asleep, and in the morning as I peeled my eyelids apart I often felt like I was hit by an 18 wheeler. A friend told me about the Gel and I was willing to try anything! Praise the Lord I did. It is the greatest gift I have given myself in the last decade, hands down, as it is one product that does what it would take at least 40 other products to do. If I had to throw every other product I mentioned on here but still had the Gel, I wouldn’t be mad about it! I have never slept better, have amazing energy, feel fantastic, my skin is softer and glowing like never before, I recover from workouts more quickly….and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Not only has it changed my life, but it has impacted my friends’, my parents’ and complete strangers that I have shared it with. Check out my saved Instastories @sheridanfrench entitled “The Gel” for a wealth of information so you understand WHY it works as well as it does. I will be praying you give yourself the gift of health in 2019 and try it out! You will not regret it!! 


Products I have not yet tried that I would like to are goop’s Exfoliating Instant Facial in a jar, Beautycounter Overnight Resurfacing Peel, and anything Tata Harper. Anyone have rave reviews of these?

At the end of the day, I believe personal beauty is defined in so many ways. What makes you feel your best inside and out, and what products help you get there? xxSF.

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